DMC Elites V4

The new DMC ELITES V4 marked deck (now in forest green) is the latest iteration in the ongoing quest by Drummond Money-Coutts to create the most powerful deck of cards available for professional magicians today. The ELITES are a unique collaboration between DMC himself (star of National Geographic's CARD SHARK and BEYOND MAGIC WITH DMC, and of the upcoming Netflix series DEATH BY MAGIC) and designer and magic creator Phill Smith - architect of the revolutionary OPTICAL MARKING SYSTEM. This brand new DMC ELITES V4 is the most versatile, nuanced and advanced version of ELITES ever created.

For the first time ever, the DMC ELITES V4 is now printed by the iconic United States Playing Card Company on their legendary Bee stock, still the world's favourite choice. The cards will endure hours upon hours of professional use, and all faces are standard USPCC faces for minimum scrutiny or suspicion from your audience.

The cards themselves feature the latest revision of the unique OPTICAL MARKING SYSTEM (OMS), a powerful 'reader' system designed specifically for the use of magicians and mentalists (as opposed to many decks designed for the gambling world). The OMS has an ingeniously hidden marking mechanic that is readable with extreme speed, at great range and even in poor light. It hides the value and suit of the card in plain sight with no decoding necessary - the back of the card literally says the value and the suit. Despite this, you can still comfortably hand the deck to a layman, safe in the knowledge that even the most critical observer would not ever suspect, let alone detect, the secret markings. So subtle, in fact, is the OMS that with the first edition of ELITES - many magicians complained that they'd been sent an unmarked version! 

Drawing on the feedback from many hundreds of performers, the OMS has evolved significantly over the years, and in this version the markings are located in all four corners for the very first time - welcoming lefties into the ELITES family. A second quantum leap now allows the markings to be read from a relatively slim spread of cards on the table - or even a fan of cards held in the hands. Finally, the deck also now features a very clear, one-way marking system, allowing for delayed reads and unlocking a whole new realm of methods. Each deck also comes with an instruction card that explains the markings visually - with no language limitations for international performers. 

DISCLAIMER: These cards have been created with professional magic and mentalism in mind. Cheating at games through any means of duplicity - be it skillful or through specialised equipment - is unethical, immoral, and illegal. The creators, manufacturers and distributors of the ELITES range of playing cards cannot accept any responsibility for the unethical abuse or misuse of these playing cards.


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awesome deck. Good for tricks, good for manipulation as well and main thing for sure with the secret system "side". Respect Guys !!!


Great, just what we were expecting!

Glad to hear it, thanks Christina.
Unique marking system. Upside down.

The marking system is, yes, unique. Is it uniquely good? It is a reader marking system, and suffers from the same shortcoming that ALL readers that I've ever seen exhibit: THE MARKINGS ARE UPSIDE DOWN! Buyers of marked decks (readers) have two main concerns: 1, Is it easy for the performer to read, and 2, is it so easy that speccys will see it?
Let's take no. 2 first. No, the likelihood that a layperson will see the markings, unless the performer presents an effect in such a way that a marked deck is to the spectator the only possible solution, is close to zero. As for the first concern, is it easy for the performer to read? One criteria for a good MD is that the markings should be on or near the corners, and possibly sides, so that they can be visible to the performer if the cards are spread or fanned. In a left to right spread, only the non-index corners need be marked. However, every marketed reader deck that I've ever seen, including this one, has the markings UPSIDE DOWN, making it more difficult for the performer to read them. What do I mean by upside down? Take a card that you have laying around and lay it face down in front of you. If you wanted to mark the card in this experiment with a magic marker, which non-index corner would you mark? The lower right-hand corner. It's obvious. It's the part of the card nearest to you, and should, therefore, be marked "right side up". Otherwise, it would be like trying to read a book that is upside down. A person CAN read a word or sentence upside down but given a choice, I'd bet that over 99% of us would rather have it right side up. And it's naturally easier to read something that's closer to you than farther away, and the lower right-hand corner is closer to you than the upper left hand corner. But the markings closest to the performer on this deck are upside down!
I'd buy more DMC Elites if they'd change the markings so I could read them more easily - RIGHT SIDE UP! My .03.

Dmc Elites

Best marked deck ever

DMC Elites V4

In my Opinion, the DMC Elites marking system is the best! I also love the tuck case, simple yet elegant. The cards are of equal quality, good for magic or standard use. My experience with 52kards was nothing but Positive.


I love the tuck case! Excellent texture and feel!
Love to have these in my collection!

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