Division Playing Cards is ideal for cardists and magicians alike who play with perceptions.

These cards are a geometric collection of shapes celebrating the artist, Escher, and his concepts of cubic space division (hence the name). Perfect for flourishing and spreads.

If you are obsessed with how the eye can fool the brain, how boundlessness can be achieved within a limited framework, get your hands on a deck of Division Playing Cards.

Printed by U.S. Playing Card Company
Custom seal
Includes 2 gaffed cards
Designed by Nick Vlow
Produced by Danny Weiser and Murphy's Magic

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Henry Tran (Vintrosa, SE)
Amazing design

Amazing design with cool colors to the numbers, i love the feel and texture.

Tom Mantell (Maidenhead, GB)
Very Nice

Haven't used these too much yet, but initially felt that they handled and looked great, very nice to spread.

Mr. M - Shenzhen Magician (Manama, BH)
Not bad

Pinky pinkish pink not red lol.

Love the cards, super awesome, really glad I bought four of them.

thedoktor (El Segundo, US)
Beautiful Cards Excellent Price

I love geometric design. Escher like. Cards have great feel like my V2’s at a bargain price.

FCRacer (Ashburn, US)
Handles well.

My initial draw to this deck was the design. In particular the color palette. The deck feels good in the hands, the cards are a little stiff to my liking (For context, I prefer a thinner card stock in decks from Orbit etc.), but this is just a preference and doesn't deter from the quality of the deck itself. I think my only complaint is the sticker seal leaving a stick film on the tuck box, again this is minor and shouldn't sway you from purchasing this deck. The color palette is beautiful, the pips are a nice beige and dark blue. Overall I'm pleased with the purchase.

Destructo5000 (Seattle, US)
Great cards

Fantastic blend of colors and design. Great feel. This is the deck i grab and practice on while waiting hours for the wife to decide where to eat dinner at.

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