Decibel shifts Adam Wilber's legacy from fire to sound. It allows you to put the world on mute and take sound to a place it's never been before. Now you can silence the turbulence of everyday life and make a connection with a stranger.Noise is everywhere. Cars, trains, phones... You're surrounded by it. Imagine, you hold their headphones at your fingertips, focus your energy and ask them to listen.

Their disconnected headphones start playing their song from nothing. They hear WHATEVER you want them to, and their emotional connection to the outcome changes this from a standard trick into a moving experience. They can hear their favourite song as a child, or the song they danced to at their wedding... Music has an impact we can't fully comprehend. They don't just hear it, they FEEL it.

But it goes further than just songs...

Decibels sleek simplicity allows you to push ANY audio file to a pair of borrowedheadphones opening up unlimited possibilities for reveals, forces, instant stooging, dual reality & more...

A ghostly message from beyond the grave

• Play a radio station from anywhere in the world

• Build a new dimension to PK touches

This versatile gimmick is machined with sports-car precision. Powerful and durable with easy operation & elegant design, Decibel can be performed in any venue or situation.

Make a connection. Get Decibel TODAY.


"I'm definitely going to perform this."

- Dynamo

"...Nothing has wowed me as much as this has."

- Peter Turner

 "If I was going to do anything rather than cards, it would be this."

- Shin Lim

"Trick of the year, hands down."

- Chris Ramsay

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