Copag 310 Gaff

Here's a great deck of GAFF cards for magicians. These can help you to avoid difficult sleights, having the Gaff do most of the work for you! You can create your own miracles with these!

GAFF: Red Sleeve and TBX and, of course, mixed red and blue cards inside:
  • 8 blank faces
  • 8 blank backs
  • 4 blank cards
  • 5 split faces
  • 2 reveals
  • 14 double backers
  • 15 double faces
Be creative - you'll find that inventing ways to use even ONE of these Gaff cards could produce an amazing performance!

56 cards that can be used in combination with the core COPAG 310 red and/or blue deck.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Keith L. (Elko, US)
Great quality gaffs!

Ordering through 52kards was a breeze. Everything was packaged nicely and the order shipped quickly.

Robert M. (Phoenix, US)
Awesome! Although wish for more...

Really great standard gaffs at a good price! I do wish there were more unique gaffs, but I knew what I was getting and these cards are fun to have and utilize!

Ray G (Minneapolis, US)
Endless possibilities

A must have for card magicians that want to elevate your magic

Julian Rousseau (Phoenix, US)
Lol love it

It’s basically every magicians play ground filled with different gaff cards double backers double facers blank cards and more and mixed with the copeg deck it’s basically invisible to everyone but you and it gets great reactions so it’s worth it to buy

Endless possibilities with these.. glad you're enjoying them.

Dennis Ardis (Amman, JO)

Exactly what I was listening looking for. Fast delivery

Good to hear, thanks Dennis.

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