Designed in the United Kingdom by Joe White, Contraband Playing Cards were inspired by secret societies, conspiracy theories, and everything unknown.

The tuck case, and the cards within, are all made in the USA on FSC-certified, ECF paper. Secret imagery is hidden within the design: the lines of the inner flap construct (literally!) a face of mystery.

Every single playing card within the Contraband deck was designed from scratch - even the Aces, Jokers, and court cards display attention to detail never before achieved. Over a year in the making - and every minute of it is visible in the final design. 

Customer Reviews

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John O. (Fort Worth, US)
Great cards, excellent customer service

Fantastic deck from Theory 11, the cards feel really good and look even better. One of my favorites from them.

52Kards does an incredible job too. There was an issue with the first deck that I ordered (the tuck's bottom tab came unglued making it unusable...manufacturing fault). I contacted 52kards and they were super understanding and friendly, and sent me a new deck at no cost. Thank you guys!

Michael Pellegrino (Germantown, US)

Beautiful deck. Handles great! Would recommend

Austin Byers
Great cards

One of my favorite decks from theory 11

Oscar De la O (Las Vegas, US)
Contraband playing cards

You guys do some awesome job, you guys shipped fast the orders!

Why thank you! Good to hear your package arrived quickly and safely :)

Matt Black (Dallas, US)
Great Cards

I love the style on these!

Cullen Coulthard (Calgary, CA)
Beautiful Deck

These cards are gorgeous from head to toe. The back design is so unique and elegant all the while sleek. The front is gorgeous as well with a unique special design on all of the aces and a different style than a regular old deck. The cards feel amazing in the hands and the tuck case is beautiful. I've never seen a deck so well made and so elegant.

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