Club Pitch V2

CLUB PITCH V2 Playing Cards designed to Heighten the Player's Experience

Welcome to CLUB PITCH

Minimal, yet intricate. Bold, yet still traditional. This unique project started as a collaboration between card enthusiast, Duane Cardinez, and Pitch, an advertising agency in Los Angeles. Originally intended to be an identity exploration, it manifested into a commemorative passion project, made for devotees of the card community.

Artful by nature. Disruptive by design. This deck delivers cardists, gamblers and card collectors an unmatched experience that respects tradition and rewards the imagination.

Give your poker face something to smile about.

The distinctively black backside gives a sense of mystery to your opponents as the faces are designed with bold & bright elements. Number cards hold more appeal with black or white text set against a vibrant green background. It's like having a plush poker table in the palm of your hands.

Court cards are framed in green, but have a splash of white to set them apart from the number cards, adding some impact to your royal hand. The inner-pips even increase in saturation as you go up the royal hierarchy.

Become a Fan

CLUB PITCH offers a cardist-friendly, fanning deck with broken borders on both sides. Springs and dribbles come alive from new viewing angles. Cuts and flourishes with face-card productions have a new look. Most cards offer a splash of color on the back, but this deck will have you exploring new flourishes to show off those fronts.

The pledge and the prestige.

Magicians will appreciate an experiment to blend a fanning and traditional looking deck. Featuring nearly identical jokers, this deck contains a unique color change opportunity. While these cards are designed to push any illusionist out of their comfort zone, you'll still feel right at home with easy-to-recognize pips and faces.

But the magic doesn't stop there. The unique double backer connects to form a mini-map of Culver City. Line it up just right, and the green glow of Venice Blvd will lead you right to PITCH.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jordan Welk (Lafayette, US)
Love them!!

The colors are awesome yet not overly stimulating to the eye. Love the way they move and feel!

Cody Benzinger (Murfreesboro, US)

This is my first deck from 52Kards and they are beautiful. Take time to break in but have an amazing feel and design.

Raheem Wyche (Madison, US)
Great deck

Just an awesome deck plain and simple. My first epcc and they feel great, springs really pop and the fans are incredible with the green/white combo along the edges. Also just want to shout out just how quick my order was processed, deck was in my hands two days after I clicked purchase. Mad respect.

Chris Whittington (Steilacoom, US)

I really like this deck. I like the feel of them , the color scheme and really just everything about them is nice.

Drake MacTavish (Atlanta, US)

Love theses cards. They are my personal favorite in my collection. They handle with amazing and glide across each other effortlessly .

Awesome! Thanks Drake

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