Carpe Noctem

Carpe Noctem is a celebration of the flower that blooms for no-one.

Inspired by 'The Night Blooming Cereus'; one of the strangest and most beautiful plants of the desert, the Carpe Noctem deck unveils it's true beauty only after dark.

Once per year, on a warm midsummers' night, this unassuming flower blossoms with exquisite beauty and then wilts away with the morning sun.

We captured that narrative in the cards.

Dipped in deep black ink, the bold back-design breaks through with force. Cocooned with pearl white borders.

The box is subtle, but embossed, to emphasise 'The Queen Of The Night' forcing itself to be noticed.

These cards are a statement, for those who choose deafening silence as their soundtrack to success.

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Customer Reviews

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Ofek A.
He did it again

Just like the Memento Mori deck this deck is beautiful! It carries the same design element of the Memento Mori with the main show peace, The flower, on the main edge of the cards creating quite spectacular fans.
The cards are high quality and will last for a long while. They are on the thick side like most Ellusionist decks but they are really soft considering that.
The deck include 2 black jokers making them quite unique, never seen full black jokers on a white deck, and a little funny gaff cards. The deck does come with a little starting trick using this gaff card so that cool.

Overall highly recommended deck, looks great and pleasure to handle. I do hope they will make the boarder a bit thinner next year because they are quite thick.

Gary V.
Love it, love Chris Ramsey

I absolutely love the deck. I think the design is very well done and I support everything (at least most) things done by Chris Ramsey

amazing deck

This is very elegant it it flexible and it has very nice art work would have custom pips and faces though

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