Cardistry Ninja Wildberry

De'vo did it again with one of the most BOLD and VISUAL Cardistry decks of all time!

De'vo co-created the art form of doing card manipulation separate from magic and created the world's first Cardistry decks!

De'vo's signature twin tip mirror back design means that you can make two different fans on each side of the deck depending on which way you fan the cards. There's a reason that almost every "Cardistry" deck coming out is using De'vo's twin tip idea -- that's because it's awesome! Amazingly deep and rich colors. And, surprises such as visual linking by aligning corners - this looks incredible!

Try it for yourself! Pick up a few of these limited-edition decks before they are gone forever!

Designed and created with the finest stocks and finishes using De'vo's innovative design ideas, you need to SEE and FEEL these amazing cards!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Matthew Ronk (Markham, CA)

They feel amazing right out of the box, would definitely buy again. No rough edges, super soft and smooth to the touch. Fans looks incredible!

Awesome, thanks a lot Matthew.

James Tedder (Seattle, US)
Beautiful cards

These cards are lovely, display well, I'm just getting started with cardistry and these seem to move smoothly. Great price

Sweet! Keep practising dude.

Philip Peters (Ann Arbor, US)
Best $12 pack

Ninja Wildberry (and Remix) feel like a $20 pack. They weight close to nothing compared to other packs.
If you are on the fence, trust me and buy them!

Desiree Barela (Littleton, US)

Great for cardistry

Robert Miller (Reidsville, US)
Excellent cards

the visuals on the card backs are great. and they feel great out of the box, without even needing breaking in!

ivan (Chisinau, MD)
awesome deck

Very nice deck! Cool colours, great quality and awesome gaff cards included!

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