Butterfly V2

Butterfly Playing Cards strive for excellence, therefore everyedition surpasses the previous one.

 There were a few aspects of the first edition that the creator of Butterfly deck, Ondrej Psenicka hasn't been 100% happy with. The second edition reprint takes the potential of the first one even higher and toward even more efficient practicality.

 There are 5 major design improvements in the second edition reprint:

 One-way suit markings were improved for visibility

  1. Two-way markings for Aces and Twos were enlarged for visibility
  2. Face pips were enlarged to match standard face gaff cards
  3. One-way feature of the faces was improved for visibility
  4. A secret third marking system has been added.

 The paper stock has been matched to True Linen B9 Finish Standard of Cartamundi for better handling, softness and easier faro capabilities.

Designer Playing Cards with groundbreaking capabilities for magicians. Imagine being able to perform feats only possible using a memorized deck, but with a shuffled deck of cards. The Butterfly Playing Cards enable you to see the positions of all the cards in a shuffled deck.     



Chris Kenner - "This is a game changer."
Daryl - "This is the most ingeniously designed marked deck I have ever seen in my life! You can do miracles with this pack that can not be performed with any other deck of marked cards. Wonderful... absolutely wonderful!"
Doug McKenzie - "So *** clever ... these butterflies are going to fly off the shelves literally."
Héctor Mancha - "I hate you for coming up with this."
Michael Ammar - "A Beautiful, Brilliant Design."
Daniel Garcia - "Such a good addition to a road less traveled... GREAT JOB!."

Richard Kaufman - "The Butterfly deck will enable you to perform miracles not possible with any other deck. A true innovation in card magic." 

Photography Credit goes to Kardify.com


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Unbelievably good marking system, but...

My only complaint, and it's a small one, is that the registration on the cards is slightly different on either edge. This means that when the cards are not arranged as "one-way" the dashes (which are small because they need to be) do not align exactly, making it difficult to read the marks at as glance. I hope that the version 3 cards (if there is a version 3) Mark the Soviet marks smaller and the dashes bigger - or get more accuracy on the registration.

Beautiful Butterfly

This is a lovely deck with an elegant set of secrets. I can't wait to amaze people with the wizardry it allows.

Absolutely amazed

The deck feels so right in my hand and the reading system is just brilliant. They are just beautiful when u spread them in a thumb fan, and you can do effects with these cards that are impossible with other decks. Worth every penny!

Beautiful, more than satisfied, highly recommended

I definitely will buy more Butterfly V2. Highly recommended.

Holy molly

Precision, feel and stock quality ALL ON POINT

V2 got even better

I own several of the V1 version and I didn’t think they could improve. They did. Handling is better and view from the Side is more pronounced but easily hidden. Sweet tricks you can do with this deck.

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