Blood Kings


Blood Kings by Daniel Madison & Peter McKinnon are the last in the Kings series of playing cards.  

Stacked in mnemonica straight out of the box, these cards ooze sophistication from their warm, blood-red backs.

For this stunning second edition, we've changed the paper vault for these beautiful cards to an under-stated, minimal tuck case, blood-soaked with a deep red Blood Kings logo proudly on the front.

Some Kings like opulence, true Kings prefer power...

The sides read 'Live Like Kings' - Die Like Kings', a nod to the previous best-selling versions and a final goodbye from this influential series.


The Angle Z Gaff is dead, but the double-backer lives on.

Instead, we've added a duplicate Queen of Hearts in each deck that sits proudly on top of your stack. Behind every great King, is a powerful Queen.

Blood Kings. Only in death can they live forever.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anonymous (Los Angeles, US)
Great selection and great price.

Great service. Received deck right away. May get another soon.

joseph bright (Oakland, US)
Great deck!

The deck is so good on my hands and feels great. This is a great product, it's very afordable too.

Clarence Chen (Central District, HK)
Great and excellent

One of the best card decks great for magic and cardistry it has great flow smooth well cut great for cardistry one of the best decks

Jamie (Dublin, IE)
Happy Customer

Love the cards exactly what I wanted couldn't be happier!

Ben Eidelman (West Palm Beach, US)
I love these cards!!!

Another hit from Madison

Patricia Quizhpe
Great deck of cards overall

Great deck of cards overall

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