Black Trauma

The Face

The Faces of the Black Trauma deck were completely handmade distorting and destroying the human skull in terrible accidents

The Ace

The hand, the feet, the chest and the pelvis, these are our traumatized and blood-filled axes, handle them with care, they are very fragile.

The Card

All Black Trauma cards have crunchy, high-resolution illustrations inside them. Our obscure deck will be able to satisfy your sick wished, and there is blood, so much blood.

Bluff Card

Black Trauma is a deck built to make great magic tricks, inside the deck you will find three bluff cards to amaze those watching you.


The pips had to be consistent with all the style of the cards, so we started from simple shapes to get to create the various figures that represent the cards. Nothing excessive, all very simple and recognizable. This is the style of Black Trauma.

Why is so magic Black Trauma?
  • Premium quality paper deck
  • Incredible detailed illustrations
  • Perfect feel and handling
  • For brilliant magicians
  • Complete deck Black Trauma Playing Cards
  • 56 cards
  • Printing by EPCC
  • Interior printing tuck

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Max Knight (Oregon City, US)
fantastic and reliable

the texture was beautiful, the art was amazing and the shipping was reliable. can’t go wrong with these cards!

Dominick (Colorado Springs, US)
Shnazzy Cards

So I had been looking for a new deck of cards, I originally bought one from here when I was 12 or 13 (I'm 21 now) and I stumbled across Black Trauma. They are super sleek and aesthetically pleasing. I defs plan to get more decks, though my only issue is that the box was a tad bit tough to get open :V. Other than that, 10/10 would buy again.

Rebecca Taylor

These were the best cards I could ever ask for! Their sleek design and trauma figures were insanely cool to look at. Perfect pack for trying slide of hand and anacondas. Love this! Will definitely purchase another

Dupont (Annemasse, FR)

Good cards even if I find the box a little neglected. Good quality cards but are more made for cuts than spreads I think.

Darius Nguyen (Minneapolis, US)
Nice cards, but..

Overall, I like the cards. They feel nice, looks amazing and are nice quality. I was eager to find that this deck had three bluffs since I liked doing magic, but my deck didn't include the three bluff cards that they were suppose to. I was little disappointed, but still a nice deck.

Sarah Tam (Atlanta, US)

This deck is beautiful. Cards handle well and feel great, just wish the box was a little thicker quality.

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