Bicycle Dragonlord

TCC and Sam's original design is based on the tradition of the Chinese culture: the Dragon. This theme, supplemented by its modern style and intricate design, is embodied incisively and vividly in the card box. The cards are dominated by mottled black and white, representing the long history and the precipitation of wind and frost, as well as the meaning of blessing. Each card took a long time for deliberate and delicate grinding, especially the Ace of Spades. The special design expresses the changing times of the dragon, vernal equinox, clouds, fog, the autumnal equinox, and more.

Dragonlord is not our creation - it actually comes from our ancestors. We must do everything we can to discover the legacy that our ancestors have left for us. We thank USPCC and Sam for joining us in presenting this incredible and mysterious treasure in the form of playing cards. They are carrying on our unique beliefs, artistic ideas, and dedication to bringing playing cards to the top of world art!
  • Artwork by Sam Hayles, who designed the Karnival Series
  • Branded with the Bicycle logo for collection purposes
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Each deck contains 4 gaff cards, plus 1 duplicate
  • Complete performance video and tutorial

Customer Reviews

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Born (Sammamish, US)
Awesome vision for the Bicycle deck

So one of my favorite decks was the white ghost deck by Ellusionist. It was a shame that they had to discontinue it. When I saw this deck, I knew I had to check it out. This is one beautiful deck for a reimagined bicycle deck. I like the subtle designs they add ed d to the number cards but the court card design was beautiful. The joker and ace of spades is one epic design. Cards a durable and hold their form. In my opinion, this is what ellusionist should have done with their legacy deck. This is the best re-designs for the classic bicycle decks.

IRogers (Vancouver, CA)

Great deck

Rhys Mogridge (Grande Prairie, CA)
Dragon Lord Cards

I really like these cards, they even come with a duplicate and some other weird cards that I didn’t notice for a while.

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