Bicycle Chic Gaff


After the first edition completely sold out, the Bicycle Gaff Deck is back, and better than ever! All the very best cards from the previous edition have been included, and now there are also some super visual and innovative effects that have been added. But that's not all! Included this time is also a 30-minute instructional video, and an accessory kit for making some cool gimmicked cards!

This deck is a full collection of special art cards designed to fit quietly in with your normal Bicycle Rider Back deck. It contains more than 30 visual magic effects, including the familiar Three Card Monte, royal flush, vanish pack, kiss card, LOVE cards, fingerprint card, etc. It also has great prop cards that can create a beautiful visual impact, such as smoke card, blurry card, paw card, QR code card, fusion card, etc.

There are also some innovative effects in this edition. For example, a flower that appears, or a Rubik's Cube that visually restores in the hands of a King of Diamonds, a very special guillotine card, and so on.

In addition, there are a number of cards without special effects, but used often in magic performance, such as question marks, arrow cards, ESP, etc.

There is really something for everyone in this Gaff Deck. With over 30 effects possible, and an added instructional video and accessory kit, this is a TERRIFIC value for the price!

- Available with Red or Blue back
- Contains 30+ effects.
- Printed by USPCC.
- Bicycle Rider Back design.
- Equipped with accessory kit.
- 30+ minute instruction video (it is in English, but easily understandable by anyone, thanks to the clear video).
- The cards are poker size.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Definitely fun
So much fun!
You know it! Thanks a lot Rob.
What can I say...
Lots of possibilities with this deck, thank you for your purchase Cassie.
Hours of fun
Thanks Gary, the only limit with these is tour imagination. Here's to many more hours of fun.
Great addition for magic
Thanks Steve, this is a great gaff deck, so many great options to play with.

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