Between the Lines



The name Between the Lines, implies the message that is tacit, that it cannot be seen from the outside. Value that can be recognized without being expressed. Thus, the perfect name for this deck of playing cards. The name also literally implies the space Between the Lines. The faces of cards are designed to be seen only between the lines. It's minimal but has many aspects. Consider the incredibly visual aspect of when the deck of cards is fanned or spread -- diagonal lines and partial stripes abound in amazing patterns.

  • Designed by Gentle Miracle
  • Produced by Riffle Shuffle
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Air Cushion Finish

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andrew (San Antonio, US)

The cards look great and the handlings great. Really good for its price.

Nice! Thanks Andrew

Thor (Kirkland, US)
Surprisingly awesome

I thought they looked fancy so i bought them, while they took a little while to break in i was surprised how well they handled. they look great for cardistry, but at the same time they aren’t too out there for magic if need be. Slowly becoming one of my more used decks.

Thanks so much for your review, Oisin! We're so happy you love this deck!

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