The AVES Playing Cards are a limited print run through USPCC (United States Playing Card Company) on luxurious Bicycle card stock. Hand-illustrated by Russian artist Karina Eibatova, now based out of London, these works of art are inspired by birds of the world. 56 cards, including a full 52 card deck, 2 Jokers, a LUX card, and a double-backed card. Card backs feature a whimsical pattern of feathers, while each of the deck's royalty cards display a different bird, from the penguin king of clubs to the swan queen of hearts--all drawn in Karina's delicate, detailed style. The tuck case is embellished with a raised texture to further accentuate the design.

Customer Reviews

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Abbey (Tonawanda, US)
Beautiful Back Design

One of my favorite back designs of all of the decks that I own!

BKing (Spruce Grove, CA)

Great deck. Handles well. Beautiful art. Very satisfied! :)

William Croatt (Denver, US)
Unique Collector's Deck

The first thing I noticed when I got the deck, before even opening them, is that they are visibly thinker than any other deck I own. The handling is decent; reminds me of the fox targets, just not as stiff. One thing I would say is this deck is a bit like the D&D Vintage Plaid deck where it is a great deck to have as a collector, but it's not something that I would use to perform. With this deck in particular, the fact that it deviates so much from a standard deck makes it harder for the audience to focus on the effect and not the cards. With performances, it's better to stick to something like the monarchs or the fox targets that are less unique and more closely resemble a standard deck. But as a collector, this is a wonderful deck to have just because of the sheer bizarre nature of the deck, almost as a joke, but still being well made and beautiful.

duy vu


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