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You've seen him on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and even on Penn & Teller's Fool Us. That's right, Joshua Jay is back from a whirlwind of televised appearances for his second At The Table Lecture. The first time he was here, Josh teased us with a routine that fooled Penn and Teller -- and now he finally reveals the method! As an author of thirteen books on magic, Josh has designed this lecture to not only teach seven amazing tricks in that unique style that only Joshua Jay can deliver, but also serves an extensive lesson on method and practicality. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, there will be something for you with Joshua Jay At The Table. Here's what Josh will be teaching:

Signs: A freely-chosen and unseen card is hidden by the spectator. Using three cards in the deck, Josh is somehow able to divine the card's color, value, and suit.

Double Thought: Both the magician and spectator think of a card, and using only the power of intuition, they are both able to pull out the other's selection from a deck of cards.

Weighing Across: If you cross the "Weight Guess" carnival game with the "Cards Across" plot and mix in a pinch of awesomeness, this is the clever routine you'd get. In this multi-phase effect, not only is Josh able to correctly guess how many cards a spectator is sitting on by height, or how many cards are placed in a bag by weight, but he is also able to magically move cards from the pile under the spectator's butt into the pile in the second spectator's bag!

Out of Sight: This is the trick that fooled Penn and Teller, and Josh finally reveals his method to this amazing trick. Completely blindfolded, Josh is able to find a freely thought of card in a deck. But more impressively, the rest of the entire deck turns out to be completely blank!

In the Hands Christ: Josh loses four aces in the deck, then proceeds to miraculously find each ace in a different manner. Based on "Henry Christ Aces," Joshua Jay adds a number of touches to make the revelations more powerful and the overall effect more practical.

Face Change: A fantastic color change that happens in front of the magician's face that is both incredibly easy to perform and beautiful to observe.

Triad Coins: An impressive three coin vanish using Joshua Jay's Triad Coins. For anyone who has ever wanted to learn an easy but powerful coin routine, this trick is for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marcus (Central, HK)

loved the henry christ aces routine!

Avi Oberlander (Waterbury, US)
great lecture!

great lecture! josh is one of my favorite magicians

Daniel Lesieur (Toronto, CA)
Un must pour les magiciens

Les explications de Joshua sont claires et les techniques efficaces. Aucun regret : )

Mitchell Ward (Cheltenham, GB)
Very nice lecture

Joshua Jay likes his gimmicked tricks. That being said, there are some tricks where gimmicks aren't involved which you can learn. He is a bit robotic and not very entertaining in between tricks but nonetheless I would recommend this lecture

Minh Long (Hanoi, VN)
The video lecture is ok and there's a problem with the delivery

I must say that Joshua Jay is a great magician and he has lots of mind-blowing tricks. However, his tricks are mostly gimmicked. I understand that those tricks aren't hard to make, you can easily buy the gimmicked deck and it's fairly cheap. But from my perspective, I prefer tricks that can be performed using a borrowed deck (impromtu). Also, there's a delay in my delivery. It took about 2 weeks for it to be sent to me. Maybe it's only me that encounter the preoblem but it found it quite frustrating...

Hi Minh, thanks for your review and apologies for the delay in receiving your download! We were updating the site at the time when you placed your order which is the reason it took so long for it to get sent to you. In normal situations, downloads are sent immediately after the order is placed.

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