If Erdnase was a deck of cards, he’d be the Artifice deck. Understated yet remarkable, Artifice is the consummate gentleman at the card table, albeit with an ace up his purple sleeve.

Trust everyone, but cut the cards.

Think about the most exquisite, luxurious lounges you've ever been in; those oak-paneled New England rooms that have hosted generations of movers and shakers. Everything stands out and blends in at the same time. All the touches give it a glow that makes everything feel naturally beautiful.

The experienced card worker knows that moves and sleights should always be quiet, in the background. Yet he also knows that a hint of quality says much more than any words he could think up.

• Exclusive Performance Coating provides exceptional handling
• True-metallic silver line art
• Prime casino-grade stock for control and durability
• Built-in reveal on jokers
• Printed at the US Playing Card Company, with the highest quality control available
• Latin Script on box reads 'Ars Est Celare Artem'

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Nick (Epsom, GB)

Beautiful deck

Ferman Garrett
Very Nice

These are so far my favorite cards. The feel of them is great and the Jokers are awesome

These are a modern day classic, you have great taste in cards!

Teng Wei Ye (Bandar Seri Begawan, BN)

These cards look really good, the stock is a bit soft right out of the box and i like it, maybe because its thinner? it handles well and its basically a great deck overall.

Jason Criollo (Yonkers, US)
Deck design and texture

The deck felt very comfortable once I began playing around with the deck and the design is eye catching

Alex (Bradenton, US)
Excellent Quality

Great deck of cards. Pleasing to the eye and very comfortable in the hand.

Evelyn (Houston, US)
Amazing cards!

I got these because the joker is what caught my attention. But after receiving my order and actually using them, I realized they're very great and pretty! I picked the purple deck and I absolutely love it

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