Purple Art of Cardistry

LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

The Purple Art of Cardistry is a popular deck in our Art of Cardistry series, especially among cardistry enthusiasts. This deck is lively, modern and stylish. The card visuals are broken down into geometric shapes with undulating colors, which provide a wonderful effect no matter what trick you are performing. In fact, the cards are so eye-catching that you will be sure to stun your audience the moment you take them out. Are you ready for the show?

This is a limited edition of 2500, with a number seal. Featuring 56 custom playing cards printed by The United States Playing Card Company with legendary Air-Cushion Finish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Philip Peters (Ann Arbor, US)
Wow, try this deck!

I have only handled this deck for less than 4 hours but you get what you pay for. Just awesome. The Frozen deck is pretty good for the price, and this deck is the same. Great decks cost money, its that simple

Bekir Durukan (Schweinfurt, DE)
beautiful design

These cards catch me anytime I unpack them
They impress the people around me who aren‘t used to these kind of fancy decks
Once I start with my magic it just gives it that missing touch in which design and cards magic goes in together hand in hand and you can see that in the eyes of your publicum

This is a really beautiful deck, thanks for your purchase Bekir.

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