Featured within each deck are classic Ellusionist innovations combined with incredible new features:

  • A simultaneous release of black and white versions. Choose the color that suits your style, or stock up on both to perform double-deck tricks or multi-colored flourishes and displays.
  • An all-new, compelling back design. No angels or bicycles here. Only dark, cryptic glyphs that speak in mysteries. The backs make fans and other XCM displays look like works of art.
  • Newly-designed face cards that match the glyphed, smoky backs. Each court card features traditional faces, but a different, Arcane-styled outfit.
  • High-resolution printing for incredible appearance gradients, and smoke effects.
  • A UV finish that makes the cards look like they are illuminated by powered lights when under a UV lamp.
  • A tuck case with wraparound design. This is the first card box of its kind.

Arcane also offers features found in our other decks of custom playing cards, including:

  • An incredibly designed Ace of Spades that will carve itself into your mind.
  • A newly-designed joker equipped with a blatant yet invisible reveal.
  • Traditional elements of playing cards to ensure spectators' familiarity.
  • A Gaffed Joker card with a "3HEARTS" reveal included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cheryl Reed (Renton, US)

Nice shuffle to take on the road.

Sweet! Thanks Cheryl

Ethan Beardsley (Grayling, US)

they are a great quality and are great for magic and playing card games.

Tiernan Deppiese (Oshkosh, US)
I am not sure

The cards don't hold up well be where when you try to do a faro the cards coating will start to peal and they look horrible when that happens

Raphael (Mogi das Cruzes, BR)

Perfect deck of playing cards arrived without a problem

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