The Aeolus Playing Cards created by Bocopo Playing Cards Co. and printed by USPCC, brings out a new style to the world of magic and cardistry. Implementing fluid shapes colored bright red and blue throughout the design, the Aeolus will give you the feel like a fire-tornado.

The Court cards are completely customized, each of them is dressed as if ready to some speedy work. The number cards follow the same layout as usual decks, but with small artworks at the edges to enhance the visuals of the deck. The back designs are meant to showcase your best moves, from fanning to displays. The spherical lines and shapes from the back design follow the patterns of a tornado, bringing out the speed and power to your movements. Ultimately, the Aeolus will be a great addition to your everyday carry!

Customer Reviews

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Eric Chen (Hobart, AU)

very cool

Calib Moore (Fresno, US)
Amazing Cardistry Cards!

Honestly, I wasn't certain about these cards when I bought them. The tuck case is a little too busy, and they only show a single fan with the deck. What got me to buy was the face cards; something based on the Greek gods was interesting to me, so I bit. Turns out I bought a gem! These cards are Virts in disguise. Virts are geometric, these are circular. Absolutely beautiful fans and are already broken in with that pre-crushed feel that makes you shiver with your first dribble out of the box. Honestly, these cards are exceptional. If you're looking for a pack of Virts, but maybe don't want to spend $20 or a lot more? Get these. They're great.

Ashley (Knoxville, US)
I could frame these...

Feel great and look even better. My wife wants me to get another pack just to display. If my wife gives me permission to buy something without asking then you know it’s a win!

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