Abandoned is not just an effect: this utility card box is cleverly constructed and allows you to secretly control and retrieve the spectator's signed card instantaneously!

Here are some ideas:

Card to...

Have a card selected, signed and returned. Show the box empty and place all cards in the box. In just a blink of the eye you have retrieved the signed card, ready to be loaded into your wallet, mouth or pocket!


Have a card selected, signed and returned. Show the box empty and place all the card in the box. You have now made it "sleight of hand proof"! Have them name ANY number and count cards from the box one by one. Stop at the selected number and turn this card over. It is the signed card!

Use Abandoned as a force

Use Abandoned for a fun rising card effect

Use Abandoned for... The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

Comes complete with the cleverly gimmicked Bicycle card case.

Available in red or blue.

Supply your own cards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ryan Boos (Chicago, US)
Difficult to load, and looks awkward in hands

Okay. So the effect here is really amazing. However, the gimmick is REALLY hard to load, and once it’s loaded, the specific handling required looks awkward, and like you’re trying to hide something. I’m really sad about this because the effect really is incredible.

Eric Buzzard (Tulsa, US)
Pretty cool

Fun little utility that can be used in a thousand different ways, lots of opportunities to get creative. I will say though that you could fairly easily make this gimmick at home yourself but for the price I'd say it's worth it to save you the time and work to make it.

Thank you so much for your purchase and review.

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