8 Bit Red

The 8 Bit Deck (Red Back) is a carefully crafted, pixel art playing card deck designed by Michael B. Myers Jr. -- its palette was inspired by the Pico-8 fantasy gaming console.

The cards were manufactured by the USPCC (United States Playing Card Company) and feature a custom gold-embossed tuck box. Each pip, number and Face card were designed and illustrated in an amazing pixel art/sprite editing application called Aseprite.

The pips were iterated on, ensuring legibility and clarity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Achim Baum (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
A little bit light weight but a really nice nostalgic print for a gamer

I really love the print of the cards, its a bit on the old RPG side while I was more of an jump an run player in 8 Bit games still the design is a great match to the games from the 8 bit times.

JTWolf (Powell, US)
Good feel, but not great for play

I am an amateur cardistry student, basics only. But I love collecting cards just for the artwork they can be. Being an avid 8bit gamer fan, this was perfect for my personal collection. The cards look like a great piece of art and would make an awesome wall decoration as an uncut sheet.

For actually playing a card game though, they are a challenge to read. Without experience with the deck, you have to look twice at what suit you have. They are unique but by all means not great for some of my older friends trying to play a game with a couple beers in their system.

Highly recommend if you want them for the artwork display, or think they would be cool for a magic act. But I wouldn't pull this deck first for a game of euchre anytime soon.

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