Ultimate Deck

The ULTIMATE DECK is a one-of-a-kind, luxury deck of playing cards showcasing stunning works of art on every card. Produced in collaboration with award-winning design firm, Stranger & Stranger.

Every single card in the Ultimate Deck is represented with a unique story, incorporating classical art, as well as works from today's leading illustrators.

"The Ultimate Deck was an ambitious project over a year in the making, and is a landmark achievement for playing cards. There is nothing else like it."

The Ultimate Deck features 54 unique works of art, and an elaborate back design. Packaged in a gorgeous tuck-case of extraordinary detail featuring embossed elements and foil accents. On the sides of the tuck-case the phrases, "The Marvel of The Odd Minded Await", and "Relish The Experience of The Bewildered" are written.

Each deck is carefully packaged and sealed with a vintage-inspired tax stamp.

Printed at The United States Playing Card Company using their finest, premium card stock for everlasting oohs and aahs.


Customer Reviews

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This deck is lovely and in the top 3 for myself and my husband. This deck was a Christmas stocking stuffer for my sweetie. Each card is unique to the other, and the overall aesthetic is top-notch. I'd repurchase this deck without reservation.

Glad to hear it, thanks Brandy.
One impossibly cool deck

I’m fully aware of how lame that review title sounds, but this deck truly is just that: impossibly cool. Just think for a minute about holding in your hand 54 individually beautiful and unique stories, rather than cards, and then add to that some of the greatest artist behind those stories that you now hold. Well it’s that unique idea, conceptualized, and beautifully realized in this deck. I’d recommend owning two of these decks: the 1st just for admiring for the artistry behind it, like you might enjoy a gorgeous coffee table sized book of art, and then one deck to actually use, because even though it seems like the last thing you should do with this deck is touch it let alone mess it up with cardistry, magic, or any card game... one you feel these cards you understand that they’re begging to be held and let your own hands make their very own stories. Actually, I dare you NOT to shuffle and deal this deck or fan it out in an impressive manner. But whatever your personal reason for thinking of buying this deck, stop thinking and buy it! It’s absolutely worth it. For every reason i mentioned and for a hundred others that you’ll inevitably find once opening this tuck box that holds such wonders.

Awesome review! Thanks a lot Hillary
Very nice deck

Smooth and awesome


These cards are the most creative I have in my collection and Mabey even my favourite non-trick deck just to look at.

Very unique and classy deck these. Thank you for your purchase.
first deck

Absolutely beautiful deck, I can't be happier with my purchase and service I paid for. I cant tell you enough of how great this set is!


This deck is without a doubt one of the most beautifully crafted decks out there, I would give it a 10 out of 10! Do get!

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