Orbit V6

The 6th installment of the Orbit Deck is finally here. This deck is a result of a team effort by the entire Orbit Crew, and it's our most ambitious design to date. We took the best parts of the V4/V5 and combined them to make the V6. Our shared love of space, aliens, and trees made this design a beautiful harmony of things we love. The new Orbits will have the same crushed premium stock, same matte box, and same traditional cut as the V5s. Here's what we have updated:
  • New alien Jokers who have abducted Carl and are now riding his bike!
  • New one-way back design that will be a puzzle to solve
We feel that the traditionally cut, crushed premium stock, made on the web press, creates the best feeling deck, ever. There are only around five decks out there that have this exact recipe -- two of them are Orbits. If you've felt the V4s and V5s, then you probably know what we're talking about. Since we have the feel finely tuned, we are spending a lot more of our time on design now.

The entire Orbit Crew sat down and spoke about design theory along with what makes playing cards look good up close and from afar. We made more renditions of this edition than all previous back designs combined. We believe we have a formula for what makes a deck aesthetically pleasing. After months of brainstorming, we came to this final design. We couldn't be happier and it's our favorite deck to date. One of our rules is, we don't create a new Orbit Deck unless it's going to be our new favorite. If you're counting V1-V5, we have sold out of approximately 60 thousand Orbit Decks in total since the release of the V1s back in 2015. They are found in every country across the planet and the demand is only getting higher.
  • Crushed Premium (Bee) Stock
  • Made from sustainable forest paper with a vegetable-based ink and a starch-based laminate, making these cards edible
  • Traditionally cut
  • Made on the Web Press
  • Matte Tuck with interior design
  • One-way design
  • Double backer
  • Duplicate 8 of Spades
  • Duplicate Jokers
  • Retro Arrco Pip package
  • 23,000 printed/never to be reprinted again

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Might be my new favorite deck

They’re smooth right out of the box. You can literally faro shuffle them without any stiffness. Got a duplicate and a double backer. Orbit killed it with these cards. Wish I bought more than just a half brick. They took a minute to get here, but it was 100% worth the wait.

Orbit V6

Great handling cards that look great. Shipped and received promptly as always from 52 Kards.

Outta this World

Great design, perfect for night time sessions looking for flying saucers and calling COAST TO COAST AM to tell them about the Aliens ya done seen thanks to your Orbit Deck. Love how these fan, super smooth, great weight, excellent dribble . UFO 🛸 undisputed fav orbit

The name speak for it self

Everything of this deck is great, as usual from any orbit deck, i totally recommend these.

Best Orbit yet

The cards feel almost broken in right out of the box, the handling is absolutely luxurious and the design is absolutely amazing. 10/10 would recommend this

Great Deck

awesome design, love all the little ufo details. Great feeling and easy to handle. cant wait for the next edition

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