A great deck in a luxurious box!

Introducing the Leon Playing Cards. These cards are meant to keep the essence of the classic Dr. Leon Playing Cards, while stripping them down to their most quintessential form. The box is printed on a special synthetic paper from EPCC, making it the most durable tuck box to protect your pasteboards. And, there's even a design printed on the inside of the tuck, lending a quality image right from the start. The playing cards are printed on USPCC Q1 grade crushed Bicycle stock, with Air Cushion Finish. This stunning luxury deck will have heads turning the moment people see it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pretty cool tuck case

The cards themselves have a simplistic design, which I like, as well as a box that is different than most tuck cases considering it opens on its side. However, I can see that with the flap its a bit harder to get the cards out without ripping the flap. Overall its good

Great deck

Really nice feel, soft, elegant, the shuffles, rifles are a joy. I would have wish a duplicate. All together a great deck!

Leon desk is great

I love this deck. From the time Chris Mayhew introduces it I was enamoured with the elegant simplicity of the design and the homage to the Dr. Leon Playing Cards. The deck lives up to the hype! The innovative side tuck case was another feature I was taken with and I love the side load approach. The only drawback to this deck at all, to me, is that the implementation of the side tuck is a little “shoddy” — there is exposed glue on the inside, both short edges have the glued seams that seem to catch on everything, and the cards don’t slide in and out with ease. It’s a great deck and I have no regrets. I look forward to future decks that will continue to improve on this approach!

Great design

These are the best handling cards I’ve had in a while

High quality

Just a beautiful deck to work with

Great cards

My favorite cards are the ones that have a simplistic design and feel good right out the box. These did the trick for me, and are honestly one of my preferred decks right now.

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