A message to you, dear reader, from the mysterious, new Bicycle® Codex Playing Cards.

There is a world that exists between the lines. A world of secret symbolism and hidden meaning. In full view, visible to all. But only those in the know, know. Those without, seek to know.

I am the gatekeeper. The key to unlocking this world's secrets lies in my hands. It is I who give outsiders a tantalizing glimpse through the lock.

It is I who decide if those deemed ready by my fellow Masters will pass the initiation.

The outsiders watch my every move, hang on my every word. Of which there are few. I sense their desperation, their hunger for acceptance. Such power is not awarded lightly.

I can have no mercy. For secrets to survive generations, they can only be entrusted to a select few.

To open the gate is to reveal all. They must prove they are ready. They must take the oath.

Only then am I ready to share. To reveal such secrets can change worlds.

I believe you are ready.

I am turning the key. Opening the lock. Ready to reveal all...

Will you decipher the code?

Inspired by secret societies, Bicycle® Codex Playing Cards is the new deck from Elite Playing Cards. High on quality and rich on symbolism. Each illustration has a meaning behind it. Dressed in a luxurious brilliant dark vellum tuck box, and stamped with satin gold foil. Bold, elegant, mysterious.

Printed exclusively in Q1 quality by the United States Playing Card Company.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
No idea what the puzzle is.

Because of the borders, you have to fan out the cards a little more to read them when playing. Artistic and stylish, but, I have no clue what the puzzle is here.

Elegant cards

I significant step up from your gas station bicycle cards. Elegant design and smooth to play.


Great cards with a beautiful case and design.


Beautiful tuck case. Cards felt amazing and spreads easily. Found other sorts of lifts and splits to come with ease as well and enjoyed them/ continue to enjoy them thoroughly.


Beautiful tuck box. Great deck of cards as one would expect from bicycle. Smooth cut, thin finish, with a excellent design.

Beautiful cards

Gorgeous art, not just on the tuck box (something I see too often, alas). Great weight and feel to the deck. I get comments on them all the time from card handlers and from laypersons about their handling and their look. The art doesn't interfere with identification, something that can be frustrating in more fanciful decks. A great premium deck in my arsenal!

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