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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Brown (Heber, US)

Love the colors!

William Kresan (Los Angeles, US)
Great Feel and Print

Crisp lines in artwork with vivid coloring is mesmerizing during sleights but the faces of each card are a great juxtaposition to the backs; simple, minimal, and elegant.
Bought as a gift and jealous I didn’t swoop up one more deck for myself!

Bill Blanchard (Red Deer, CA)
Plum Pi

great feeling and even better looking deck of cards.
When doing fans the back of the cards just dance to the eyes.

Nigel Brown (Calgary, CA)

easily one of my favourite decks in terms of feel and looks!

Jean T (Saint-Quirin, FR)
Perfect !!

Awesome design, handling perfectly for cardisrty. The colorful design is perfect to cath the eye of the spectator. One of my favorite decks so far!

Keto (San Diego, US)
Beautiful! Unsure about durability though.

These cards feel amazing and they look just as amazing when they fan. I knocked off one-star because while practicing a few cardistry moves, one of the card edges got damaged when I hit the edge of the card against against card’s edge. It was completely my fault but I’ve been rougher with some other cards (ie: cherry casinos, nocs, orbits, etc) which didn’t dent nearly as easily.

That all said, the cards look and feel wonderful. If I had a second deck, I might risk more practice with them but for now, I’m letting them sit pretty in my collection while I practice with some other decks. :) Still love em though. The tuck case is so good. It’s what drew me in in the first place!