In the presence of the dark, there are those who find the city to be a wonderland of opportunity. To street artists, this urban playground is their canvas, the streets are the escape routes and the veil of night is their protection.

Designed by Jason Brumbalow & Illustrated Abraham Garcia, the Darkfall Playing Cards are a respectful nod to the street artists who charge into the darkness to imprint their brand on the city. Darkfall is a fully custom-designed deck of high-quality playing cards infused with the modern street art spirit, and masterfully crafted exclusively at the US Playing Card Company, for a premium finish and highly-durable casino quality stock.

A pulsing infusion of symbology, style and unforgiving passion, Darkfall was created for those who laugh in the face of uncertainty in order to carve their mark onto the world.

The city is waiting for your craft, grab a deck today and let the darkness fall.

Customer Reviews

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First deck

This was my first deck bought here and It won't be last.
Pretty good deck

Darkfall Deck

This deck is by far the best I have used and are really unique to use for card magic. They are a slick deck and the special ace of spades really makes it a wonderful purchase, for also a really cheap price.
Will definitely be buying again.

Beautiful cards

These cards are gorgeous in both look and texture. The picture on the website does not do them justice, they are a work of art. They are extremely well made and flow like water from the hand. You would buy these just to look at.

Dark Times Call for Darkfalls!

I LOVE this deck. High artistry, and I can't get enough of these. They handle very well, and make sleights go like butter. Also, the deck has a WONDERFUL specialty card.

Great Cards

I ordered a few cards with these cards and i honestly thought these were gonna be my least favorite out of all them, but they quickly became one of my favorite cards. Every trick I do with them people compliment me on these cards and how nice they look.

Great snag!

This is one of the most beautifully made decks of cards I’ve ever held. The artistry is high quality, and the stock feels great for many of the sleights I use in my performances. Not to mention I have been able to develop tricks specific to this deck because of one of the specialty cards included.

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