The series of some of the most iconic playing cards continue with the Madison x Schneider Remedies. A reminiscence to the beginning of custom playing cards with a modern twist.

The new look and feel runs through the entire deck. Improved custom pips and indices, new custom faces and details on the Court cards. Daniel Schneider also redesigned Daniel Madison's iconic King of Diamonds that you see from now on in every new Madison deck.

Packed with hidden secrets and built-in magic tricks, including an Angle Zero gaff and a series of brand new hidden revelations with an incredible quality of stock (and traditionally cut). Madison and Schneider are so proud to present this minimally wonderful weapon of deception.


  • Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Printed on premium (Bee) crushed paper stock
  • Traditionally cut
  • Custom front and back
  • Angle Zero gaff
  • Duplicate King of Diamonds 
  • Hidden revelations for your magic routines


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

2 king of diamonds which messed up one of my poker games.

Oto Sics (Kansas City, US)
Great Card

I’ve had these cards for a little over a month

Shawn Stewart (Grand Falls, CA)
Great cards but slightly damaged

I love that i was able to get a deck of cards from one of my favourite magicians but i was disappointed that they came slightly damaged (tuck case was bent on the side). Other than that i am grateful that i was able to receive my remedies in a timely manner. The cards themselves i am quite happy with as they are light and springy, they also retain their shape well. If your looking for a nice deck of cards that lend themselves perfectly for magic. I would definitely recommend this deck to any new or experienced magicians!

Brandon Kerr (Phoenix, US)

Absolutely amazing , I love working with these

Ali Alfailakawi (Boardman, US)
Basic but nice

This deck overall is nothing special, but I like the back design its very nostalgic.

Fred Valdepena (Fontana, US)
Very good

These cards are excellent I think dm makes some of the best playing cards I love the simplicity.

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