Orbit V8

Welcome to Mars.

Taking every note from Orbit editions before it, we're excited to unveil the newest iteration of the iconic Orbit deck. Inspired by the spirit of space exploration and the towering Martian mountains from beyond our atmosphere, the Orbit V8 boasts a wide gamut of orangish navy colors while simultaneously commenting on how far we've explored into space, and where we've yet to go.

The Orbit crew can be pictured near the rover on the back design amidst the mountains.

  • Crushed Bee stock
  • Limited quantity
  • Hidden marking system
  • $15.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Great deck

    Great deck of cards. Arrived quickly. Looking forward to my next order!

    Manny (San Francisco, US)
    Good quality

    When you first take them out the package it feels weird but they fan and riffle very well especially because they are pretty thin

    James (Madison, US)
    Everyone one seems to love these…I do too

    Love the presentation for cardistry. Also fun to play solitaire with

    Kyle Graber (Columbus, US)
    Orbit V8

    An all around great deck. Cards feel great out of the box. Their feel and looks make them great for both magic and cardistry.

    Colin O'Malley (Sacramento, US)
    Orbit V8s

    My favorite deck out of all the orbits. They handle really really well. Amazing finish and they look amazing. Absolutely zero complaints!

    Amy Gravelle (Orleans, CA)
    Great deck!

    Another great deck from the Orbit series! The cards handle very well and the colours are great! I recommend this deck to card collectors or to anyone who wants a fun deck for game nights!

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