Polyantha Playing Cards by Daniel Schneider was designed to resemble a classic casino deck for the card table. Completely black and white face cards with modified Courts give the deck a modern twist that you haven't seen before.

Due to the well-hidden, yet easy-to-read Black Roses Marking System, it's possible with a short glimpse to see which card you hold in your hand. With that feature, you are also able to perform mind reading effects very quickly, without any set-up. The borderless back design of the Polyantha Playing Cards creates an eye-catching pattern which especially comes into play during card spreads.

Two extra cards come with the Polyantha Playing Cards:

- A black casino cut card with the Black Roses Playing Cards logo on one side.
- One gaff card with the 2 of Diamonds on top and the 8 of Spades on the bottom of the face.

Printed by The US Playing Card Co. on crushed premium (Bee) paper stock with Air Cushion finish and traditional cut.

NOTE: Although the photographs show the cards with water and ice, these cards are NOT waterproof. This was merely a way to beautifully portray the deck.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Josh Krahn (Abbotsford, CA)
Love it!

I enjoy the black and white, and while the marking system gets some getting used to, the cards themselves feel so good, great from the moment they leave the box

Jorge (Jackson, US)
Polyantha Greatness

Exceptional cards from Scheider of Black Roses. Thin yet durable. Crisp faces and bold clean full bleed backs. A great table deck!
My only criticism is the black for red suits but the deck itself represents a minimalistic approach and I can appreciate that.

christopher whittington (Steilacoom, US)


Magic B (Ocean Springs, US)
Hard to see

Too hard to see

Jason (Coventry, GB)
Nice deck

I like this deck like the other reviews not brilliant for cardistry however a nice deck - i do like decks where faces are unusual and not the norm as can add an element on some tricks where they have to look twice thinking you got it wrong

Zachary Kohler (Brooklyn, US)

Great quality cards, perfect for table work. I practice with them often. However, all of the cards are in black and white, even the hearts and diamonds, making it not my first choice for magic.

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