Truth & Lies

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." 

Truth and Lies Playing Cards represents the dual nature of deception and honesty. They are two sides of the same coin, both interwoven deeply within every magic trick. A parade of ornate lies are what spectators are driven to see, while the bare and unembellished truth is ignored and often hidden in plain sight. 

Art directed and conceived by Jason Brumbalow and masterfully illustrated by Bobby Haiqalsyah and Lance Miller, Truth and Lies Playing Cards was crafted to remind us of the Lies we share, the Truths we bury, and the duality of both. These playing cards strike the balance between two forces and combines them into a collectible set that blends one design into the next. 

You'll be thrilled with the three different versions of Truth decks (each deck having a different embossed phrase on the tuck case), and three different versions of Lies decks (again, each deck having a different embossed phrase on the tuck case). The embossed phrase illustrates that the distinction between truth and lies may not be as clear-cut as you'd think! Your spectators will be fascinated with these decks. 

Sometimes the truth is just the lie we tell ourselves, but sometimes true magic can be found in the lies we tell others. Murphy's Magic is proud to present Truth and Lies Playing Cards

Truth and Lies Decks Sold Separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Love the design and the feel

The boxes look great and love the concept. The cards feel great. Definitely want to get another set soon.

truth or lies

Both decks were wonderfully composed and designed. i would consider purchasing again.

Great Cards

They look great, they feel great, and they smell great

Lies (White)

A wonderful, crisp feeling deck. Beautiful and different printing on all cards. Pretty nice overall.

Excellent deck

Very nice

Smooth edges, not for me.

I love how smooth the edges are and I can tell these will last a long time. However, they feel a bit plastic-y for my taste. If that’s your style, buy this beautiful deck! I love the embossing.

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