Plum Pi

The Plum Pi Playing Cards is the first deck in an 8-deck series of playing card decks called the Pi Slice Series, produced by playing card designer Jackson Robinson of Kings Wild Project. Each deck in the Pi Slice Series features a unique Pi flavor. The Plum Pi decks are specifically designed for a distinctive visual "pop" to make your card handling and cardistry more exciting.

Each deck in the Pi Slice Series is printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nigel Brown (Calgary, CA)

easily one of my favourite decks in terms of feel and looks!

Jean T (Saint-Quirin, FR)
Perfect !!

Awesome design, handling perfectly for cardisrty. The colorful design is perfect to cath the eye of the spectator. One of my favorite decks so far!

Keto (San Diego, US)
Beautiful! Unsure about durability though.

These cards feel amazing and they look just as amazing when they fan. I knocked off one-star because while practicing a few cardistry moves, one of the card edges got damaged when I hit the edge of the card against against card’s edge. It was completely my fault but I’ve been rougher with some other cards (ie: cherry casinos, nocs, orbits, etc) which didn’t dent nearly as easily.

That all said, the cards look and feel wonderful. If I had a second deck, I might risk more practice with them but for now, I’m letting them sit pretty in my collection while I practice with some other decks. :) Still love em though. The tuck case is so good. It’s what drew me in in the first place!

Ash (Oakland, US)
Faaantastic...get it

At first glance, the plum purple tuck case is really simple and nice. As for the cards, really smooth with a very nice back design. I definitely recommend you all to grab this deck and many more from 52KARDS.

Matt Antonik (Easthampton, US)

Great quality for both the cards and case!!! Beautiful and tasty back design like you have never seen

Terence (Vancouver, CA)
All about the tuck

I really like the cards, but i have to admit, what really caught my attention was the tuck. Simple and beautiful.

Sweet! Thanks Terence.

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