Postage Paid


Postage Paid was the March deck featured in the Kings Wild Shorts playing card subscription.

The Postage Paid deck was originally inspired by a close playing card collector friend named Joseph Pierson. Joseph has one of the most extensive and diverse playing card collections in the world. On Joseph's Instagram feed, he posted images of playing cards from the early 20th century that were written on and sent as postcards. Using cast-off playing cards was a common occurrence before the post office made the minimum size of a parcel 4"x 6". This collection of playing card "postcards" sparked the idea in my brain as I wanted to see the rest of the cards in the incomplete deck Joseph had managed to piece together over the years.

I set to task and created my own deck of postcards playing cards, using Joseph's unique deck as the springboard for the idea.

Each card in my Postage Paid deck and also in Joseph's postcard collection features a stamp and also postal address of the recipient of the card.

Each card also has a traditional style "postage paid" stamp, canceling out the postage stamp. All 50 states are present with a city representing the state.

Customer Reviews

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Judith Anderson (Tel Aviv, IL)
What A Unique Gift!

The cards are beautiful.

My 12 year old daughter and I like to play poker together (she’s a shark).

Recently my mom had 2 packs of your cards sent for my birthday and we absolutely loved them.

The designs, and packaging were stunning. It was clear when we visited your site, that all of your unique games were high quality... something that you don’t see much, so kudos to you :)
K. Anderson

Jean-Baptiste NICOLAS (Nancy, FR)
This is Art

Probably one of the most beautiful deck I bought. I actually bought 2 to keep one unopened.
The idea is brilliant, the tuck is so original and fits perfectly with the theme. All cards are elegant with some customs inscriptions. Kings Wild always have the best ideas.

First Class!

Easily one of my favorite decks in my collection. Love the quality and the creativity that was put into each individual card. Will be purchasing another just to keep it sealed.

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