Join the hysteria and the supernatural.

Salem Playing Cards remind us of the power of the masses, and the dark history of Salem Witch Trials. With rumors of witchcraft some people were known to have strange fits, or what some people referred to as "the disease of astonishment".

Let the Salem Playing Cards overtake you.

Concentric circles create a stained-glass effect on the tuck and the backs. Geometric patterns engulf a mysteriously shrouded figure.

Strange symbols and triangles radiate in its aura.

The stark white background is sullied by the black ashes from so-called witches burned at the stake. Triangles point outward in each corner as a catalyst to radiate the evil energy outward.

The custom tuck seal is emblazed with a red triangle representing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of humanity placed over a circle of oneness.

One last symbol of hope before it is destroyed as the cards are revealed.

  • Custom seal
  • Specially designed Jokers
  • Custom Ace of Spades
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card
  • Designed by Abraham Garcia Sanchez

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amy Gravelle (Orleans, CA)
Fun deck!

This one is a fun deck reminding us of the Salem Witch Trials, with a wicca-themed back design and tuck-box design. As another reviewer said, the tuck-box is not the best quality. You just have to be careful with it and it should last a while. The cards aren't the best quality for cardistry, but it's a great deck for card games and playing card collectors. I still recommend this deck for anyone interested in the Salem Witch Trial or for anyone who likes unique decks!

This is an acceptable deck of cards, but not remarkable.

The box is of very modest quality, but the back design of the cards looks good and is in keeping with the theme, the ace of spades has an interesting customization but the pair of jokers are identical and a bit simple in design, the rest of the cards have the conventional layout. The value for money is acceptable, but lacks for a more creative or flashy design, the paper quality is good for playing poker.

Thomas Kirkwood (Adelaide, AU)
Awful quality

The tuck case is the thinnest and flimsiest one I’ve seen, it feels like the sweat of my hands might make it fall apart. I don’t know what kind of paper it is made from but it feels maybe the slightest bit more durable than office paper. It’s actually leagues worse than the $2 decks you find in the supermarket. The cards are incredibly stiff and fans with the deck are inconsistent, though at least slide better than supermarket decks. The sticker on the tuck case was off centre, but I suppose that doesn’t really matter since my deck of jerry’s nuggets came with the sticker only covering half the finger cut-out on its tuck case. I don’t know where my money went but it certainly wasn’t into the materials for the cards.

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