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Erika Buller-Simmons (Grande Prairie, CA)
Sweet card shelf

My husband hinted he would like a second card cabinet for his birthday—now he has two! This most recent purchase has curved corners, a slight change from the earlier one. Happy with the set.

Alberto felix (Fresno, US)
Best way to display your decks

Very good deck display

Joy Kelso (Stevensville, US)
So great!

My husband and I just exchanged stockings this year, and he got a bunch of cards :p
Naturally, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a stylish way to store them, and boy, this is IT.

Gorgeous material, compact shelf, so happy with this purchase. I’m keeping my eye on the site for when these come back in stock-they’re PERFECT for collectors to store bunches of cards and look snazzy.

Michaela (Detroit, US)
Perfect gift!

I bought this as a gift for my partner this Christmas. It’s a great size and excellent quality, and I’m excited to see it displayed in the game room! Finally a place to show off his collection!

Christoph Loeffler (Bremen, DE)

Great quality!

gary maslinski (Quakertown, US)
Exactly what I was looking for!!

This product is amazing and the pictures don't do it justice. I got it for my home desk to display and store some of my open packs I carry daily and I couldn't be happier. Its well build, looks amazing, and fits many different decks perfectly. I can't wait to pick up another for my work desk and second for my desk at home!!