Deck Display Shelf (35 decks)


Show off your playing card collection.

The display shelf is specifically designed to display and exhibit your playing cards. This is not only a storage option but also allows your audience to discover and admire your collection for the very first time. Obviously, these display shelves are meant to satisfy the owners of said playing cards the most. As a card collector, the joy of seeing your playing card collection neatly displayed is like appreciating your favorite works of art.

Whether you are filming an epic cardistry video or sharing your playing card collection via photography, these display shelves are perfect to compliment your playing cards, or just sitting subtlety in the background.


We spend a lot of time and effort collecting our favorite cards and understanding the story behind each deck of playing cards.

Why not build your beloved playing cards a display shelf they deserve with your own two hands?

These two new versions of the display shelves are similar to our previous display stands that were very popular with card collectors and magicians alike. Please allow me to introduce once again, the flat-pack and easy to assemble feature of the display shelves.

We know of "The Ikea effect", which states that when people purchase and then assemble the item themselves, they develop an attachment or sense of pride to the product. "The Ikea effect" causes people to value the things that they built, customize, or construct themselves more highly than premade, finished products.

We have also incorporated this into our product. After several trials and prototypes, TCC PRESENTS designed this display stand so that it packs flat and can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled.

You will receive a notebook-sized package and through simple assembly, transform it into a display stand dedicated to your playing card collection or gimmicked decks.

The difference from our previous display stands is that we have adjusted the display orientation to cater to different display preferences. When the Display shelves are assembled, the face of the tuck box now faces forwards, for you to appreciate your playing cards in all their glory.

This design also allows for room to fit slightly oversized and thicker tuck boxes to be displayed as well.

Apart from placing the shelf on your desk and against the wall, there are four pre-drilled holes to mount the display shelf on the wall. This allows for flexibility and is an integral part of creating your very own playing card display corner.

Wooden Display Shelf (35 deck) dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 43mm

Note: decks not included. The 35-deck playing card display shelf weighs close to 10 pounds (~5kgs) when fully loaded. Please pay close attention to the installation location and process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tamara Christian (Raleigh, US)
Really like this

I really like this display case. I didn’t want anything too fancy or too big Or too expensive. This fit the criteria. It was super easy to put together and looks nice. I do suggest attaching it to something. Or if you are going to put it on your desk, don’t let the kids or the cat bump the table. I liked it enough to order another one.

Angelina Alarid (Vista, US)
Happy to finally display my collection!

I love that my cards are finally displayed after being in boxes for years. While it didn't come with assembly instructions it wasn't too hard to figure out once I stared at it for a bit and saw how the back panels fit in side panels. My only annoyance is that I wish the rows were a little taller so that my decks in clear plastic cases could fit, need to find another rack to display those, but it fit the cards that come in standard cardboard boxes fine, so be aware. Happy with my purchase!

Philip McNamar (Sacramento, US)
Good quality

Nice assembly for the money and looks good when built. The hanging hooks are a bit tough to use so I just used screws.

Cepeda, Carlos
amazing quality

While there were no instructions upon delivery, TCC has tutorials on how to build it. Once you're done it's an amazing display piece.

Carl Loud (Louisville, US)
Awesome Decks and Display Case

Received my order in a very timely manner, Thank-you! The display case is perfect, and the assembly process was very easy to do. Of course, watching the video as to how to assemble it was a must! I'm strongly considering ordering another case since I have several more decks I want to display.

John Gearin (Jacksonville, US)
Very good!

Good quality and fast shipping! Will probably need another one soon lol!

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