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Francisco Carreño-Galvez (Atlanta, US)
This is the shop, these are the products

I am in my day 45 of my journey as a newbie in the world of Magic. I have held an immense respect to this craft to the point that I was frozen when it comes to even considering trying to learn anything. I decided to dive in intensively and after 30 days of an accelerated introduction course I found a video by 52Kards! then I realized that there are courses that are well organized and very well taught, then I realized there is a shop, and here I am. I am beyond satisfied with the products, the care and careful packaging. These particular cards are off the chain in elegance, I look a better amateur wannabe magician just by holding these cards. I bought other decks, including the amazing MINT, and I have decided to make this shop, my shop. Highly recommended!

Kyle Holman (Marlborough, US)
Perfect design

The design on the back is perfect for me just learning. Easy to catch mistakes and know what to practice on

Courtney Banzhoff (Concord, US)

LOVE everything about this deck!! Beautiful back design. Love the additional 2 identical joker cards. Very cool. Wish it came with a duplicate value card but overall this deck is perfect!!

Karen Best (Tulsa, US)
Christmas gift, 2021

My son, an illusionist began at the age of 3... now 28. Its tradition for me to give him cards on Christmas and birthday. It's slways fun to find something he doesnt have. Hope he surprised this year. Arrive in excellent condition!

Kerry Burrell

I purchased these as a gift for my nephew, but couldn't wait to give them to him. He loved them.

Akiva Silver (Tel Aviv, IL)

It's a marked deck! Very cool!!