Magician Daniel Madison and Chris Ramsay have teamed up to bring this elegant deck to life. KNIGHTS features fully custom artwork by Oban Jones, from the iconic Ace of Spades, the eye-catching Jokers to the card backs and custom faces of the court cards.

A few surprises lie within the simplistic and classic matte white and stunning gold foil tuck. These hidden features embody the aesthetics and practicality which appeal to magicians, gamblers, and chess players alike.   

KNIGHTS are printed by the USPCC with a smooth finish and traditional cut, making this deck feel as good as it looks.


Customer Reviews

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Akiva Silver (Tel Aviv, IL)

It's a marked deck! Very cool!!

JTWolf (Powell, US)
Chris Ramsay has done it again

I bought this in impulse just because I'm a Chris Ramsay fan. When I actually got the deck I was amazed at how smooth it felt right out of the box. The elegance of the design is perfect. The finest touch of the black outline on all the cards makes a BIG difference in showing quality. My only negative, and for me it's immaterial anyway, is that the value marking system takes a lot of practice to get used to. And without eagle eyes, the suit marks are challenging to see. Otherwise, this deck made it to the front of my display stand sporting an elegant tuck case and the story of "these were designed by one of my favorite magicians".

Euan Cho (Temecula, US)

The Knights deck is so cool. They delivered so quickly, and everything was in great condition. The cards themselves are absolutely amazing. They have the perfect feel for cardistry and tricks, and they have the perfect look to impress anyone. The marking system is also super easy to read, which helps a lot in performances.

Kane Pickett (Christchurch, NZ)

Just Amazing Cards, Design & Feel Is Superb

gene monterastelli (Brooklyn, US)
Great deck if you have great eyes (or wearing your readers)

I really like the look and feel of the deck. The marking system excellent, once you get a hang of it. A key with the deck would have been helpful, but I understand because of the stack why it isn't in the box. If you need your glasses to read the mint marking system then you will need them for this deck as well

Hunter (Sechelt, CA)
Fantastic Deck

Got this deck on a whim and has by far been one of my favourites. It is beautifully designed, well made, and really fun to use. I highly recommend adding this to your collection.

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