Virtuoso P1



Arguably one of the MOST popular cardistry decks available, and they just got BETTER.

Virtuoso P1 LIMITED Playing Cards:

  • Limited Edition
  • The FIRST in the Virtuoso's Perspective Series
  • No two faces are alike
  • The back's signature center circle now "passes through" from the back to the faces --unifying the back and face.
  • Includes NEW VIBRANTLY COLORED icons (geometric suits) that form progressively larger arrays around the center circle -creating a spectrum of visuals NEVER seen before in a deck of cards. In fact, the swirling icons around the seemingly still center creates an even larger contrast and MORE impact than ever before. PLUS when the icons are pieced together they create even larger forms.

Cardistry is now more expressive and accessible to more people.
See what people are saying about Virtuoso P1 LIMITED Playing Cards:

"As always guys you are the change (leaders), you really love this world and that is what makes me love Cardistry"
-Yo Roni

"I absolutely love the idea of changing the faces but not making them all identical like some Cardistry decks! Those get boring real quick, and what you guys have come up with seem super interesting and creative that I can't even express how impressed I am!"
-David Fan

"I just have never been this excited over a deck of cards EVER."
-Matthew Su

"The face cards look amazing! I love how you're redefining what a deck of cards can look like. It's going to be sick!"
-Benjamin Miller

"This is definitely the best seven I have ever seen in a playing card deck. I didn't realize how different these cards were."
-Sagar Lamba

"That was not what I was expecting at all! I don't think I'll be able to handle seeing 52 new faces on a deck of cards. You guys somehow exceeded my expectations yet again."
-Nick Dittermore

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    D.M. (Cocoa, US)

    Super cool and very unique

    David Perez-Bautista (San Jose, US)


    S.C. (Council Bluffs, US)
    better than ever before

    granted I've only had the summer 2017s and fall 2016s, but this deck is almost impossibly good. well worth the money.

    Randy (New York, US)
    The Virts

    Nothing less than perfection.

    Simon Johansson (Malmo, SE)

    Very good. Got what i wanted which is great. Although the swedish postal service is as good as it can be, which forces you to count in some dents in the product.

    Jonathan S (Waltham, US)
    Great deck.

    Very pleased with the deck. Looks and feels great.

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