Unlocked is a special app that makes your lock screen an ingenious and undetectable way to get information from your spectator.

Phase 1

You will be able to give your spectator the ability to unlock your phone.

Phase 2

You will also be able to reveal personal information about your spectator such as birth date, special numbers, PIN codes, etc.

Phase 3

After all the reveals, you will be able to unlock any phone without questions, fishing or stooges of any kind.

You can combine the three phases as you wish or you can do each one independently.


We also included a way to perform Unlocked hands free without touching the phone. You can access all the information using a computer or other smart phone.

This was designed for all environments -- stage, parlor, close up, street magic or television.

How you use this is ultimately up to you.

  • Easy to do
  • 100% customizable
  • iOS and Android
Are you ready to have this weapon in your pocket?

The minimum requirements for smart phones:

- iPhone 5 and above
- Android version 9 and above

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Devin Watkins (Birmingham, US)

I couldn’t never get the website for this instructions to come up

Joe B (Dunkirk, US)
There are much better options from competition

The effect, as presented, can be a bit transparent, requires some self-directed steps to really make great (never mentioned by the creator), and, the death knell, you MUST HAVE AN INTERNET OR DATA CONNECTION TO PERFORM IT! The “instructions” are a bit convoluted as presented. They just got a bit tedious. But, it’s cheap!

It could have been so much more with just a LITTLE more thought. It’s usable, but competing products are certainly cleaner and less fussy, even if more expensive.

As a working professional, I won’t use this. As a hobbyist and collector, it’s a nest item in the never ending drawer of magical mishaps. It’s not that this CAN’T be a miracle, it’s that other options make the miracle more attainable.

Present it right, and you’ll blow minds, for sure!

Kiro (Calgary, CA)
Self working

One of the best tricks I have tried and you don’t even need to carry it. It’s just in your phone for me it’s a self working trick

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