Pocket SansMinds Sharpie


In 2013, we created a game-changing 3 in 1 sharpie marker for magicians' every day use. It allowed you to perform impossible ink moving effects on the fly.

Now, we're bringing you something even better. Imagine being able to do all the miracles the classic sansminds sharpie can, but more pocket friendly and manageable- a pocket size SansMinds Sharpie.

Simply slap it on your keychain, and it's ready whenever you are.

Use it as a permanent marker to have a card signed, dry-erase marker for mentalism applications, or even a moving ink marker for some crazy visual effects.

There's no extra chemicals or props to carry around so you don't have to compromise pocket space.

With something so compact, bigger isn't always better.

It's the ultimate tool disguised as an everyday sharpie.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Finn Murphy (Brooklyn, US)
Let Down

I don’t like to submit negative reviews however this product did let me down. The tricks you can do with it are cool however the methods to get these effects are disappointing and also it comes with a CD which needs to be updated. Also the product didn’t work very well overall.

Bronson Cuts (Jacksonville, US)
Best customer service ever

Got a dried out sharpie but honestly the customer service made dealing with a faulty product perfectly okay. Super quick to get back to me. Super quick to replace it. And super polite and helpful. Definitely my favorite place to order from and the app makes it absolutely hassle free. I’ve bought a lot of cards as well and they are always quick on it! Thanks

You're welcome dude.

Bradley Macvittie (Houston, US)
It’s okay

The sharpie is an okay sharpie. The ink that came in with mine is grayish and not black. And I don’t like some of the effects that are taught but that’s just my opinion.

Meir (Lakewood, US)

Im sure its cool,just I was expecting something more magical.

John Jamison (Roanoke, US)
Great trick

Great product. My son has been having so much fun fooling his friends at school. Thank you.

Ivan Salazar Hernandez (Arup, DK)
Ok gimmick

It`s a well done gimmick but in my personal opinion you have some limits in the routines, you can do

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