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Ruben Silva (Seattle, US)
Off World

The cards don't want to correctly cooperate in the manner they're suppose to. Such a neat trick too.

Chris P. (San Jose, US)
Great effect, amazing reactions

Yes, this will require some set-up and some practice, but the best effects always will. Based on the reactions that you get, it is worth putting in the time.
I'm more of a magician that likes to interact and feature the spectator than a magician that performs what I call "look what I can do" tricks, so this is right up my alley.
I LOVE how this works! There is SO MUCH potential here with what you get, and though the routines you are given are great and detailed and well-taught, the potential to do more with it is great--it's worth the money and then some. I have created my own Offworld deck with giant-sized playing cards to adapt this for a stand-up / stage show.

Thanks so much for your review, Chris! It's a fantastic deck and the reactions from the spectators are priceless indeed. We wish you every success with your own Offworld deck!

Yuvraj Jaipuria (New Delhi, IN)
Offworld review

I absolutely admire this gimmick. It looks so unreal and organic... Along with this I also purchased the cold case which supports this truck brilliantly. It is so easy to reset it and is perfect for gigs

Dexter Vaughn (Dayton, US)

Very hard to mess up during performance. I would practice a few times to get the hang of it though.

Once you learn the gimmick its easy to recreate it.

Morrissey (Anaheim, US)
Almost Flawless, Easy, With Many Possibilities for Improvisation

A very clever take on a well-known principle produces astonishment every time.
The participating spectator becomes the star of the bit, and the reactions make this illusion immensely fun to perform.
Instruction is thorough, and the routine is completely explained.
Other routines suggest themselves.

If you are considering this illusion, or have purchased it, please read below!
There is a hint or recommendation that is given at the beginning of the tutorial, which I ignored.
It took quite a while to get back to square one, so I actually ended up purchasing a second one.
This allowed me to prepare one deck as recommended, which will suffice for almost all audiences.
And now I have a backup, in the event that I would perform before magicians (or frustrate those who like to expose tricks--even though this preparation has nothing to do with the trick itself.)

Ace (Richland, US)
Great job!

The routines you can do are endless