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Ryan Mossakowski (Carmel, US)
Amazing Trick!

I was looking for something that I needed to practice but not to long. Solving the rubix cube is fun and something I have always enjoyed and with this twist makes the rubix cube come alive. The trick is for all ages and level of magicians it just might take more practice time depending on age and skill level (along with knowledge of rubix cube). The videos are amazing and the quality is perfect! Overall it is a must purchase! If you are on the fence at all about the trick BUY IT, because it will be worth it!

Michael Owen (New Taipei, TW)
Really good trick

I have never been good at rubix cubes but this trick was explained so clearly I absolutely love it and can't stop playing with my cube. Takes time so if you expect a trick that works out of the box then this isn't for you. You will need to put in the time

Ari Lerner (New York, US)
Great, but... still fantastic!

After many years of playing with the Rubric Cube, i finally have some actual algorithms and moves to work with. This video series, really great pace and demonstration has a lot of fun and clear explanations. My only real hesitation for not giving this 5 stars is that when I find myself stuck or in an incorrect position, i have no where to go to ask other folks in the community. I end up looking elsewhere for this community. Otherwise, I am in love with the Cube3.

Ok and the 52Kards support team is great.

Alessandro Di Maria (Zurich, CH)

well explained, great effects

Cool, thanks a lot Alessandro.

lucius pegan (Central Point, US)
Great product!

the video is well and in-depth.

Kevin Holan (Richardson, US)

Came with a cube that's nice and quiet and a code to get to the video tutorial. The tutorials are good and that's really all I wanted.

Awesome, thanks Kevin.