Tally Ho Fan Back by EPCC

This series of decks is made by special arrangement with the EPCC and USPCC. After 20 years of research we believe it is not possible, at this time, to make better cards at USPCC. We predict that this series of decks will become legendary for serious card handlers. And even though these are NOT a limited edition we cannot guarantee that we will be allowed to make them again in the future.

Why are these cards better?

Printed on the web press, and this is a HUGE deal.

Heat cured which means every deck feels identical, extreme consistency

Thin crushed to 52 cards = about 14.35mm

Traditionally cut for perfect bottom up and table faros.

Traditional stamp like seal applied to the left for easy opening

And a red WORKING tear strip

Don't be fooled by other thin crushed cards, we believe this series of decks to be the best of all time.

54 cards per deck and packed in the classic Tally Ho tuck box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jorge (Jackson, US)
EPCC for the win

What could top the already awesome classic cards that uspcc produces? Thin crushed, traditional cut, and web press, that's what. These are a must for uspcc fans. Expert has made the classics better.
Top that off with 52kards careful packaging and speedy shipping and you have yourself a purchase you won't regret.

Allan Koshy (Yonkers, US)

these cards are just wonderful. with the collaboration with EPCC, the stock and feel is not only unique but its like a hybrid of the modern version and the Cincinnati version of Tally-Ho's. Definitely getting more.

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