Svengali Deck


The Svengali Deck is one of the most popular magic products on the market and is a sure fire way to get big reactions from your audience. It allows you to do a countless number of effects including being able to show that all of the card in the deck are different, and then a moment later changing every card in the deck to the same card. Best of all, it's easy to use and even a beginner can start performing with it after just a few minutes of practice.

Customers will receive the gimmicked deck of cards, a set of written instructions, and also a private video going over the explanation and handling of the deck.


Demo Video

Customer Reviews

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Jesse Swink (Rustburg, US)
Fantastic for a starter

This is a great deck to practice beginner tricks and for more advanced skills as well! Great quality cards as well!

Fluke420 (Tucson, US)
Svengali deck

Awesome, as described…. Even has original box, I ordered two…. (Need destruction cards…. ) I will order again…


 I love this deck, but the glue does wear a little quicker than I would like, but as far as a really clean looking force, this deck is amazing, sometimes I just use it for a force, and then do a deck switch….. if I’m performing for my nieces and nephews, I’ll change the whole deck into the one card…. but I find that effect is too strong in most situations.

Samuel Lindsey (Tallahassee, US)
Great cards

The svengali deck was a great addition to my performances and got really good reactions from the audience. Really good deck, I recommend buying.

Andrew Finch (Omaha, US)
It’s a keeper!

Really great deck! Very affordable and easy to learn!

Nick Cusack (Keene, US)
Great job on this deck!

Let me start my saying this product is great! Really easy and great effect if done fast enough (at least for me). If you’re comfortable with dribbles and even if your not it still works perfect! Even if you don’t trust this review the cards are at still such a low price you will still have money left over for other stuff. Have fun… bye

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