Sumi Kitsune

Sumi Playing Cards - Kitsune is Card Experiment's 2nd collaboration with ToKMR Graphics, following our highly successful Sumi Playing Cards campaign.

In Kitsune, we continue to translate and transform the traditional Japanese tattoo art form of Wabori into playing card style, retaining as well as enhancing many of the interesting and delightful features we had in Sumi Playing Cards. The focus of Kitsune centers around the fox spirit, a staple in Japanese folklore. We scoured many different sources of folktales, stories and myths about fox spirits and selected a few well-known ones as sources of inspiration for the characters in the Court cards. Kistune continues to serve as an homage to Wabori and faithfully represents the visual nuances and quality that is the hallmark of the Japanese traditional tattoo once again. This creates a visual playing card masterpiece like no other -- a masterpiece that weaves fantastical stories of begone times with modern playing card aesthetics.
  • Illustrated by ToK, illustrator & graphic designer based in Japan, and edited by Card Experiment based in Hong Kong.
  • Fully custom pips & Courts.
  • Cards printed by the United States Playing Card Company. Made in the USA.
  • Craft edition tuck cases made of premium Cotton Gmund paper from Germany.
  • Letterpressed ink/metallic foiled tuck cases for craft edition produced and assembled in Hong Kong.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Incredible looking deck a cards.

Luc Charbonneau (Repentigny, CA)
Quality deck :)

The cards are of good quality and easy to identify. The box is not to solid but who cares!? The theme is well done!

Jonathan (San Jose, US)
Great Design

The art of these cards are beautiful. I will be buying another, one just to keep and one to show off/

Diana (Amsterdam, NL)

What a beautifull art work! This will be only for fanning. To beautifull to get messed up. If it is still for selling i will for sure by another one worth my money

Maya (Flat Rock, US)
Great Deck

Very pretty deck, lots of detail. Cards are very sturdy and I love the two-part joker design. I wouldn't play with these cards, just keep them for show and the occasional trick, because you won't want to damage the art!

Jeff Moreno (Brooklyn, US)
A beautiful gift

I gave these to my girlfriends brother and he was so excited he said he didnt want to even open the box! Great product thanks guys.

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