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Ryan Mossakowski (Carmel, US)

This is the second time I have purchased this trick because the first one I lost one poker chip and love the effect that I bought it again. Solid trick!

Yusuf Khan (Auburn, US)

Fun to perform, still a bit rusty but this is so fun to practice and show people. I perfected some routines and they fry some people’s brains.

S.P. (Chandler, US)

I know there have been some negative reviews on this product on some other sites, but I was interested in the gimmicks and how they worked. I can say that this product looks good and is quality made. I think that many in this field have too high expectations. I have never had any problems with this effect. It looks good close up and with a bit of practice is a great lead in to coin magic, if you so desire. This is also well taught and fun to perform. I would highly recommend this for anyone interested in poker chip or coin magic.

Andrew Deel (Oklahoma City, US)

Wish there were more tricks taught with the other gimmick in the set besides 1 but it’s alright. Other than that pretty solid set but will say that because of how the chips are made the graphic can sometimes bubble up so you need to fix it if it happens to you.

Scott Runyan (Hurst, US)
Still learning

Really great quality still working on the tricks. They are taking longer then I thought, but this is my first dive into coin magic.

Thomas Reitmeyer (Highland Park, US)

Super fun! Super cool routines, very well taught, Eric Jones is a bada**!!