Only 2500 CLASSIC and 1500 ORIGINAL printed! Will NOT be reprinted. Numbered custom seal.

Two editions have been created for the Reincarnation campaign: CLASSIC and ORIGINAL.

The CLASSIC edition uses a more colorful scheme with traditional colors (red, yellow, blue and black).

The ORIGINAL edition is much more austere, almost monochromatic, with grayish and brown tones that give it an aged look.

The tuck case of the ORIGINAL deck will be produced in-house by Gamblers Warehouse and will use gold foil.

Reincarnation Classic Deck features:

  • 56 sleek custom playing cards
  • Full color on cards
  • Manufactured on quality Bicycle® stock paper
  • Includes 1 Gaff card and 1 specialty card
  • Custom Face cards, Court cards, Jokers and tuck box
  • Printed by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Air cushion finish
  • Custom seal

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Terry Buczkowski (Jacksonville, US)
Reincarnation Deck

Best packaging from any vendor. Most important for collectors that they arrive in mint condition.
1. Nice tight shrink wrap with good access for opening from the bottom.
2. The box seal compliments the design and allows for 'unopened' deck tricks.
3. Classic Bicycle card stock, nice feel and handling.
4. The Face Cards are Excellent. Nice rich colors and the design is first class.
5. Ace of Spades is very well done.
5. The King/Queen gaff card has great potential for tricks.
6. I like the layout of the Number Cards. Not usually a fan of small pips, but this design works very well. It also makes them unidirectional.

Overall I give this deck a 9.5 out of 10

Miguel Contreras (Rosemead, US)
Awesome cards

Very pleased with my purchase and the time they took to arrive. All my friends will order from here

Austin Robison (Pass Christian, US)

Great decks of cards. I decided to get one of each. Love the court cards. Affixing addition to my collection.

Brian Long (Phoenix, US)
Great Deck

These are all great cards in a solid looking well crafted deck.

Leonard Kelley (Keller, US)
Court Cards!

I really dig these decks (bought both). They handle very well and the back present a nice fan. However, my favorite aspect of these cards is the court cards.......badass!

Charleigh Redington (Millsboro, US)

Loved the details

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