Red Stripe

We are excited to offer Red Stripe Playing Cards, from LA-based designer and magician, Omar Renfro. This is his debut deck. Inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso, each card was hand-drawn before being digitally cleaned-up and presented in its final rendering shown here.

The design comes from the concept of wanting a bold solid stripe in the middle to accent the dynamic movements in cardistry.

Those seeking to WOW an audience with flourishes and fans that are beautiful to behold will be thrilled with this deck.

"The deck is fully customized from the geometric back design to the custom arrangement of the spot cards, right down to the custom court cards and Jokers. Even the tuck interior is customized!"

Printed in Taiwan by the Hanson Chien Playing Card Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A.N. (Providence, US)

Great deck! Really fun & eye-catching – I love all the custom faces!

Katato (Holliston, US)
Kind customer service

I bought two decks, a couple minutes apart on separate orders (couldn’t resist) and customer service emailed me saying they’d combine the two decks into one order and save me the cost of a separate shipping fee. Truly considerate, not to mention the cards were well packaged and had such unique designs. Loved ‘em and will buy again

Michael Brown

This deck is so beautiful and creative. It handles well and is a pleasure to look at. I am not sure it would be good for magic tricks as it may be hard for the spectator to easily identify what the card is but it is extremely unique and a wonderful deck to add to any collection.

Sweet! Thanks dude

LL (Richmond Hill, CA)
good cards

very pretty, hard and stiff, great fans

Sarah (Los Angeles, US)
Red Stripe

These cards are very vibrant and the style is fun!

Roman Lopez (Santa Fe, US)

Great deck of cards. Beautiful

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