One Way Forcing Deck

This blue backed Bicycle deck is comprised entirely of the Ace of Diamonds. This allows you to give your spectator a "free" choice of whatever card they want and while forcing the right card with 100% accuracy.  


Customer Reviews

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Matthew Mulfinger (San Jose, US)
Stock seems off

The cards have adequate slickness but the stock feels a little off, very rough on the edges and the individual cards feel like they aren't printed exactly the same (I can't dribble 1 card at a time with them). Other than that they are great.

Meir (Lakewood, US)
Great idea

I was able to perform so many miracles with it

You're welcome Meir, thanks for the review.

Ace (Seattle, US)
You need one.

It’s a lot easier than buying 52 decks.

Jonathan Berry-Smith (Stanford, US)
Exactly What You Ask For

I don’t have much to say about this product except that it’s self-explanatory. You get exactly what you ask for: a deck full of ace of diamonds. The only downside is that the soectator might be suspicious about an Ace, so I had to purchase other force decks of uncommon cards like 3D or 6C.

Beverly Reaney (Emeryville, US)
Just perfect

Just what he wanted.

NotReally AHack (Waco, US)

Everything is great, and the only thing is people say “Oh, is every card the...” and then my trick is ruined. This is why I got a svengali deck.

Glad you like it! It's best to use a One Way Forcing Deck after you have already done a trick or two with a normal deck. You can casually put the normal deck in your pocket, and then say you will do one more trick and bring out the forcing deck. They will have no reason to suspect anything fishy this way. Hope that helps!

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